Sleep Soundly with bedCLAW®: Your Ultimate Solution for Bed Repairs and Support

Tired of dealing with a sagging, squeaky, or unsafe bed? Look no further than bedCLAW®, the original and trusted brand for bed supports, repair parts, and other bed and mattress solutions.

With over 50 years of experience in designing, refining, and manufacturing, we have sold over 150,000 units to satisfied customers, including manufacturers, hotels, craftsmen, wood-workers, furniture repairmen, and homeowners. Our heavy-duty, built-to-last products are accompanied by a Lifetime Service Policy, ensuring that you'll always have a reliable solution for your bed problems. Unlike nondescript brands, bedCLAW® products are designed with durability and ease of use in mind, making them the perfect choice for anyone looking to improve their sleep quality and safety.

By choosing bedCLAW®, you'll benefit from:

Quality and Durability

Our products undergo decades of designing and refining to ensure they are reliable and long-lasting.

Lifetime Service Policy

We stand by our products and offer a lifetime service policy for your peace of mind.

Trusted Brand

Since 1994, we have been the go-to solution for bed and mattress problems, with over 150,000 units sold.

Ease of Use

Our products come with instruction manuals available for download, making installation and use a breeze.

Fast Shipping

All bedCLAW® products are shipped directly from our warehouse in High Point, NC, using only major carriers like USPS, FedEx, UPS, or FreightCarrier.
BedCLAW® was founded in 1994 by a small mattress and parts manufacturer in High Point, NC, the epicenter of quality furniture manufacturing. The well-established company was the first to provide parts online and remains the leader. Other competitors sell cheap knock-offs of the “Original bedCLAW®” products that pale in comparison in terms of longevity, strength, and quality.

With a strong customer support team, we listened to customer and industry requests and grew organically and responsively. Our online presence was established in 1996, along with broader offerings to the commercial and hospitality industries. With over 30,000 units sold and over 2,600 4+ star reviews on Amazon, we are trusted to supply medical facilities, sleep labs, hotels, and homes around the world. We have the only parts backed by Lifetime Service Policy!

BedCLAW®’s mission has never wavered. We strive to offer strong, quality products that address bed problems or needs and are backed by exceptional customer service. BedCLAW® is a community employer that believes in doing right and getting it right.

Finding the appropriate products is often challenging. That’s why the official website is extremely easy for customers to navigate, with dedicated pages for every product. Each product comes with a summary and, depending on the product, detailed instruction manuals are available for download. We use only major carriers like USPS, FedEx, UPS, or freight carriers to deliver orders. If further information is needed, we are happy to provide help via the contact page. A superb support team is always on stand-by and willing to go above and beyond in supporting customers’ needs.

Don't let a sagging, squeaky, or unsafe bed ruin your sleep any longer. Choose bedCLAW® for the ultimate solution to all your bed and mattress problems.

Finding your mattress size.

Knowing your mattress size is the foundation of a successful purchase with bedCLAW®. By referencing the comprehensive guidelines provided on, customers gain insights into the nuances of measuring mattresses correctly. This knowledge minimizes the risk of ill-fitting products that could result in wobbling frames, uneven support, or even damage. Whether you're dealing with standard sizes like twin, full, queen, or king, or more specialized sizes like California king or twin XL, bedCLAW® ensures a comprehensive understanding of dimensions. Accurate measurements empower customers to select the right product variant, ensuring a secure and snug fit for their mattress and bed frame, and consequently contributing to a peaceful and comfortable sleep environment. In essence, by acquainting themselves with the necessary measurements and utilizing the resources provided on, customers can make informed choices that promote durability, stability, and the longevity of their bedding investments.

bedCLAW® products adhere to ISPA mattress standards and sizing variances, outlined below:

Mattress Size
Industry Standard Dimensions
(+/- 0.5 in.)
Allowable Variance
(Width & Length)
Measurement with Variance
38" W x 74.5" L
37.5" W x 74" L
Twin XL
38" x 79.5" L
37.5" W x 79" L
53" W x 74.5 L
52.5" W x 74" L
60" W x 79.5" L
59.25" W x 78.75" L
76" W x 79.5" L
75.25" W x 78.75" L
Cal King
72" W x 83.5"L
71.25" W x 82.75"L

How to measure a mattress.

  1. Remove all sheets, blankets, pillows, and mattress protectors/covers from the mattress.
  2. Use a tape measure or ruler to measure across the top quilt of the mattress from side to side. Then measure the short side of the mattress from corner to corner.
  3. Measure the top quilt from the head of the mattress to the foot. Then measure the long side of the mattress from corner to corner.
  4. Measure from the bottom of the mattress to the crown of the mattress quilt (not from tape edge to tape edge).

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